Design, Consulting & Supervision

Our highly trained professional team provides consulting, design and supervision on all projects in order to optimize costs and materials. We advise on site use and improvements, and help in selecting materials, building systems and equipment.

Exterior Shutters General

Our exterior shutter services include the walls that compose the outer surface of the building. At Lath, we assess the architectural specifications of the outdoors, such as quality standards, insulation properties, and compliance with building codes and standards.

Ventilated Facade
Systems and Louvers

Ventilated facades, although providing aesthetics of buildings, are a system of thermal and acoustic insulation like the Louvers that gives protection of the sun’s rays. The Louvers are inclined shutters to admit light to and air, but they avoid rain and direct sunlight. Both systems generate greater air circulation and contribute to energy savings.

Aluminum Panel Systems

The ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels are very easy to process, as we can route the aluminum to get slots, folds and straight or curved shapes that can be adapted perfectly to the contours of buildings having complex floating elements.

Metal Exterior Curtain Walls

We have a vast experience installing metal lath exterior curtain walls for buildings. Thanks to our team of professional engineers, we can determine, based on a professional and timely gathering of information, if the buildings are suitable for the installation of specialized structures such as metal lath.

Ceiling Antiseptics & Interior Walls

Installing ceilings and interior walls is another strength in our company. Our durock panel installations are attached to metal racks for interior walls and ceilings. We use a fast, installation system, which allows for the application of a great variety of finishes.